Story Time - Week of May 06, 2019

Matched with this guy on tinder last Tuesday. Haven’t been online dating considering the fact that it was also finals week and I was busy (and lowkey want to give up dating in general) but he messaged me and it wasn’t just the typical “Hey” he actually said he also listens to the band that was on my anthem.

Later on it turns out we were at the same concert a couple of months back. We just clicked in terms of our taste in music. He invited me to hang out and just chill / listen to music at his place I was kind of hesitant at first but still went cause I really thought he was cool.

I was instantly attracted to him when we met and we did chill/listen to music and got drunk ~eventually having sex~ which i think is the point of the entire “let’s hang out” deal. But i just feel like we had a connection and he kept telling me stuff like I’m the best tinder hook up or where have I been all his life etc. Maybe he wanted it to sound like a compliment, all the cute things he said about meeting me and how I’m such an amazing person. Maybe he was just lying to make me feel better or to ensure more sex later.

I have no problem with hooking up. My expectations are only so high since it’s tinder but what I don’t understand is the unnecessary promises of being exclusive like he wants me to get attached and I don’t know what to do cause honestly the sex is phenomenal and we really click but I know he really doesn’t want a relationship (cause I’m sure he still uses Tinder despite the flowery words of commitment)

It’s just so complicated. This always happens to me. Just hate being lied to.

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