Story Time - Week of January 18, 2016

My more frequent tinder date kept me waiting and being really bad about communication the day we planned to hang out *(for the third time). Finally really late at night he said he was home and invited me over to hang out with him and his roommates. I'm lowkey pissed because he kept me waiting all day but bored enough to uber over. I have to say I have really lowered my standards for this guy, which is probably why he seems to get super nervous around me--it doesn't bring out his best behavior. I get there, he lets me in, dude is SHITFACED. Like barely make it up the stairs drunk. And I asked him about this before I came over, too, but he lied and said he wasn't. So we spend a little time together and he is profusely apologizing, saying he wants to take me on a real date, that he's never felt this way about anyone before, he would be find just cuddling, etc. I'm pretty straight up with him and tell him he barely knows me and we should get to know each other more before he keeps talking like that. We commence watching a show with his housemates, he proceeds to pass the fuck out. I mean, he is OUT, and I'm trying my best not to make it really awkward. Eventually the show ends and his roommates are debating whether or not to wake him up. Fuck this, I'm ubering home. I tried to wake him up to say bye, dude's too lit though. So I got home, shot him a semi-snarky text just acknowledging that I did come over.

Next day, he texts me and says sorry. I think the poor guy must be really embarrassed, but I'm still kind of annoyed I wasted time and money to go out of my way to see him. Fortunately for him there is something I like about him and I'd be willing to see his flaky ass again, but I'm guessing he is too mortified to communicate with me further. And I still don't know why I'm willing to waste my time (sigh).

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