Story Time Sunday - June 16, 2019

Boat guy: Hey, I'm getting back in contact with you.

Me: Okay cool let's go out but last time you made me do all the planning and didn't follow up because you said you didn't want to meet in DC. If that's how you feel then we have different logistic requirements and it's not going to work.

Boat guy: I would love to get drinks with you.

Me: Okay but last time you said that you ended up complaining about how I wanted to meet in DC instead of within 10 minutes of you.

Him: That was because of logistics. I'm fine meeting anywhere.

Me on Friday after him not offering any details about when or where he wants to meet: Okay so tomorrow? At this bar?

Him: I can't tomorrow I'm having people on my boat. I would love to meet now but you told me how you feel about staying in my neighborhood. Also, let me proceed to mention one more time how not okay I am with going out to DC even though I insisted I like that plan.

I also gave him my number over a week ago and he never moved off of email. Dating is great, guys.

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