Story Time Sunday - July 14, 2019

It's going super well with current date.

I don't want to say everything about her because some of it may be personal but she's smart, she's attentive in a good way about how I feel and I think we have a lot in common about shared experiences even if she's slightly younger, she's very open about her feelings and what she lived through and my friends really appreciate her. We share a similar style of slow physical escalation but with explicit and clear communication and there's a lot of chemistry in that sense. People have been asking about her a bit but the relevant and non-personal part is that she's organizing LGBT+ events because she's bisexual and asexual and she really wants to make a difference and we may share some more marginal political opinions on specific subjects.

Yesterday we went to the museum, we held hands and then went to a picnic (btw treacle tarts are really disapointing but chicken katsu sando are great) with other friends, the other friends really like her and she wanted me to meet her friends.

We went to a pub afterwards but she cannot drink because the alcohol limit for her age is 0 to drive afterwards, she still had fun. (I think, she says she's used to it and it's fine). We held hands and I kissed her on the cheek (in a flirty way, not a friendly way) in the bar and when I walked her home. (I'm really slow to this physical stuff but she is too so there's some compatibility there too)

I also, after a few drinks last week, accidentally, while she wasnt there, called her "my girlfriend" in a lapsus moment and my friends immediately picked me up on it. Oops.

I think I'm going to ask her to delete our apps together because I find that a cute way to confirm our feelings.

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