straight guys into butt stuff and mm/mf sex

A little late to the thread, but here's my take as a bisexual man:

All you gotta do to be bisexual is desire sexual contact with people (at least one person each) of two or more genders.

It's a vague requirement and it should be. In my opinion, the only rule in the realm of queer sexuality is "No Gatekeeping."

Anyway, your attraction to men (which can be discouraged in one's upbringing and may have been subconsciously repressed until recently) doesn't have to measure up to your attraction to women (which has likely been expected of you for your whole life and your experience with that has been far more enabled than the former option) for you to consider it valid. I have a similar exoerience to yours. I found that I love men sexually but haven't mutually clicked with any on a romantic level. I feel equally sexually attracted to women and have had much more success in finding romance in those cases. Even though I probably slept with 5 women or nonbinary persons for every cis man I had sex with in my wild years, it seems silly to doubt what to call my sexuality at this point.

Labels can spook people, though - both those choosing one for themselves and those who must try to accept those who bear such labels. You don't even have to choose one. You don't need to get a little rainbow flag sticker for your driver's license in order to experiment to your heart's content.

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