Strangers mocking me

Huh, I've always heard that Pinoys making fun of English speakers was a thing, but I've never been openly mocked for speaking English.

Maybe I've been mocked behind my back? Idk, but I was never openly mocked.

For context, I graduated from a Big 3 university (that ONE blue school notoriously known for speaking English).

With my accent, I was asked if I grew up abroad (nope) and was even asked by an Australian if I was American.

There was this one American dude who said that my accent sounded like I was from Miami (American but with a strong Spanish hint).

If anything, I was even told that my English didn't sound pretentious.

I can speak straight English, straight Tagalog or Taglish.

Sometimes, when thinking hard about what to say, I have a habit of saying "like, parang" and my friend would laugh, but it's not the ill-intended laugh. We're friends that mess with each other all the time, I make fun of his R's (he's Filipino-Chinese and he can't roll his Rs like in the Spanish word "Arriba").

Now I don't know if people have ever mocked my English when I'm not around, but definitely not around me.

Then again, I'm a big dude (I used to weights) and can look intimidating.

I've been told a couple of times I look like a "Matón" when not in business attire, and I was literally urged by a bouncer to apply as a bouncer once!

So maybe that plays a role lol.

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