Strangest thing you've seen in the mirror while tripping?

After a long night of mdma crystal abuse (went well over a gram) mixxed with acouple of grams of Psilocybe semilanceata, weed and two dmt hits.

After lying in my bed most of the night and experiencing messed up hallucnations from the DMT (Didn't break through tho) i finally stood up and went to the bathroom.. but i almost fainted, i got that "head rush" feeling where you lose your sight for a second after standing up after a prolonged time... but mine persisted every time i raised myself.. i was literally blind for about an hour after that every time i tried to stand up, it was like the blood in my body just couldnt get to the top of my head while standin.

So after an hour or so after i ate some food and took a fetus position shower, i finally redeemed my vision and it was more spectacular and bizzare than i had ever seen and probably ever will.

The flashing static HPPD dots in my vision became something i could only explain as "the blueprint of reality" or some sorts, like lasers going in every single direction everywhere i look but they finally unraveled from random annoying flashing dots in my normal vision to something like a diamond protected by laser that gets relieved by a smoke, shaping what i'm allowed to see with my limited eyes, every color i saw was different, the sky was yellow, the clouds blue/pink neon glowing like galaxies.

I was immensely mesmerized, obviously, ill never be able to fully explain properly in english how i felt with during that strange yet short lived 'vision trip' it wasn't anything like any hallucination or anything i've come in contact with so far, it just felt like i had been given Mantis shrimp eye's and i was literally seeing everything i could possibly 'see', every molecule, ever light and wave bombarding my surroundings..

After a few minutes of viewing this wonder i glanced at my hand and almost had a mini heart attack, it was cartoony and i mean.... really cartoony.

So i ran into my bathroom and took a look at my self in the mirror and there was just one thought/person/movie that instantaneously popped into my mind.. because i looked IDENTICAL to him, especially in this picture;

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