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Dude there's a cop that's searched me and my vehicle twice based on "nervousness" in the past 3 months. I'm 26 and he caught me with weed once when I was 18. Literally just getting in the way of my day and picking on me for some old ass shit.

I had an officer in another town come to my car while I'm on my break at work, literally fucking eating pasta on my 15 minute break telling me I'm smoking weed and he smelled it and that's why he's there, when I in fact wasn't smoking weed but also smelled it. He said if I had nothing to hide then I could consent to a search and I'd be on my way. I told him calmly "Sorry I don't consent I gotta get back to work" and it was true. He told me it'd be a lot easier if I consented, and I still refused. Maybe you see this as me being a douche bag, but here I am on my break, someone is smoking weed nearby, the cop mistakenly thinks it's me, I have meat to cut inside and I already can't finish my fucking pasta because this guy has me keep my hands on the dashboard. Another cop shows up, they take me out of the car, and say we're waiting for a K9. I ask if I'm free to leave, the officer refuses. I'm already late. I ask him again, he refuses. I ask him why he's detaining me, and he said because the odor of marijuana is a crime and he's conducting an investigation. Once the K9 gets there (from the sheriff's dept), the dog gets out all jacked up jumping around and shit, and the officer says I'm free to go. I start going to my car to shut it off and close the windows and take my wallet and cell phone and the officer says "No. Go that way," and points the other way.

So now I have all my shit in a car that's open with a cop that's being pushy, and a dog that's all fucking anxious, I think I have a reasonable right to at least stay and watch. I tell the officer "Ok then I'm going to stand here and watch." I was out of the way, further than any of the cop cars or cops from my own car, not in the way of anything, and the officer tells me to turn around, says I'm under arrest for obstructing a criminal investigation by means of intimidation. He puts the cuffs on tight, tries to practically drag me to the cop car, SLAMS me against it (swear to god), and tries to shove me in when I told him I could get in on my own.

The dog doesn't find anything obviously, the dog is even trying to go away from my car because he fucking smells something somewhere else, and they keep walking it around until the K9 handler shakes his head and shrugs. They take me in, and impound my car and hold on to it while the officer gets the judge to sign a search warrant. Release me on foot about 3 miles from my job, which I'm now running to. They charge me $300 3 days later to get my car because the judge signed the warrant after the towing company closed on the second day. Didn't find anything, forced me to explain to my employer that I was arrested, and when I got my car back everything was fucking upside down, my phone was under my chair, all my cards were scattered over the car, my wallet inside out, all the mats pulled out, fucking ridiculous. Any lawyer would cost more than the $300 the whole thing cost me.

Sometimes the questions about being detained or free to go are because some people are systematically profiled and harassed.

And if you can admit when a cop oversteps, speak for yourself.

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