Strebendt sex abuse trial

Ummm, he did threaten to kill me online once

Dan, you're kind of infamous for finding an excuse to angrily cuss someone out pretty much every time you've conversed on a forum for like the last 10 years, didn't you think the odds would catch up to you and you'd eventually run into someone truly crazy? You told someone to "Go fk yourself you dirty scum sucking mother fker" on this forum just 1 hour ago, and you'll probably cuss me out next. Who's the next psycho you'll attract if you continue to allow yourself to relate to people like that?

I'm not trying to be a prick when I say this, have you ever considered getting therapy? It works. You seem like a guy who has been through some bad shit that is haunting you, shit that was probably not your fault. Martial arts can't fix this kinda stuff.

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