Strenght training with light weights and bodyweight exercises makes more sense from biological point of view

This seems like the opinion of someone who has a very limited understanding of strength training (or maybe just exercise in general) and who is trying to cope with feeling less than due to their own strength.

Strength is a crucial element of not only every sport (yes even boxing) but is key to living a long and healthy life. Everyone should be strength training a few times a week if they care about their health.

It's perfectly fine (preferable even) to start training with lighter weights. Currently I bench 265lbs. but a few years ago I couldn't even bench 135lbs. I got to my current bench by making slow, incremental progress over the last two years. Nobody (aside from maybe some genetic freaks) starts out strong, you grow strong with progressive overload. Training in this way allows you to grow stronger in a much safer way. You can do this exact same thing with bodyweight exercises as well: knee push-ups -> push-ups -> diamond push-ups -> one arm push-ups.

Honestly man this kind of just reads like you feel bad (or have been made to feel bad) because you can't lift as much as your peers and instead of addressing that you've come up with a way to cope. It's fine if you don't want to lift weights and get strong, we all have different things that we value, but to try to delegitimize heavy weight training because of it is just silly.

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