US Strikes on Syria Tied to Deaths of 52 Civilians

Meanwhile, the fact that the most powerful force in the insurgency is al-Qaeda and groups very similar to it, and that the rest of the insurgents work alongside them, is brushed aside. The fact that many of the insurgents have expressed genocidal intentions towards other sects, especially the Alawite sect, is brushed aside.

According to the UN, the vast majority of murdered civilians are murdered by the Syrian regime, not ISIS, not AQ, not any rebels. As for "genocidal intentions" towards the Alawite sect, do you think this maybe has something to do with an Alawite-dominated regime brutalizing them for 43 years, and then most 99% Alawites being regime loyalists at this point in time?

Not justifying their hatred, but putting it into context.

And people wonder why the Middle East is so backwards.

The middle east is backwards because of tin pot post-colonial corrupt despots like Assad, Saddam, Saudis, Bouteflika, Sisi, etc.

Syria doesn't have smart bombs!

Exactly. So they have 2 choices: stop using them or use them and murder civilians.

When the US was bombing Vietnam 40 years ago, it used unguided munitions in mass to destroy entire civilian areas!

Yeah, so? What's this whataboutery? It was wrong then and it's wrong now.

War is not good to civilians. People die.

Easy to say that as you sit comfortably in Iran.

That's why war is avoided if at all possible. However, to claim that the Syrian armed forces, faced with a foreign Islamist dominated

Most of the opposition is native Syrian. Syria is a 75% Sunni coountry -- the artificial Alawite-dominated fascist regime is the foreign force backed by foreigners in Iran and Russia.

is somehow acting exceptionally brutal in its conduct of the war, is simply war propaganda.

Are those photos "war propaganda"?

The fact is, the people making these claims by and large are okay with the fact that al-Qaeda is taking over Syria,

Al Qaeda is a drop in the bucket of the total opposition. This dumb lie is used by every single intellectually paralyzed regime supporter to justify their support for war crimes and other atrocities. JaN barely has ~3000 fighters total, whereas the rest of the Syrian opposition is closer to ~95,000 total. That's under 4.8%.

Fact is that you're an akhond parast, you don't want to think for yourself, you want to blindly parrot whatever the mullahs tell you over there. If you could think for yourself, you wouldn't support a war criminal, and you most certainly would not then try to justify it by screaming "Wahabis! Foreigners! Terrorism! AQ!"

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