Strippers of Reddit, what is it really like?

I was bored one day, recently moved to a new state, and just decided I wanted to do something new. So I went by myself to a small strip club for the first time. Not really my scene, thought that before, think that now. I got to talking to one of the strippers for pretty much an hour and a half. She gave me free dances so that she could appear to be working and talk some more. She was new to the area too. I guess it was pretty bad there. She wasn't like the other strippers, she was only half black, petite, etc. I was in an area where the men like more full figured women and that's what the other strippers were. But since she was different she got a lot of business. The other girls hated her. She didn't like the business she was getting because the guys were very touchy and obnoxious. I guess she was a porn actress in the past, gave me her name to check her scenes out, but I forgot it. She said she was going back to that because the atmosphere at the club was just horrible. Wasn't her first time working at a club though, just first time working at a shitty one. I'm not a stripper, but that's what I've been told by a stripper.

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