Strongest man alive Zydrunas Savickas. 523 kg WR Tire Deadlift

It's really confusing. Hello, I'm Jason Miller the world's strongest dj here to remind everybody nobody can really claim to be the "world's strongest man" under legal precedent as every record and competition has different rules/qualifications regarding height, even types of lifts used.

It's as vague as saying "world's best runner", you could apply that to a 10 meter dash or a marathon or a race you made up it's so vague.

This is a tire deadlift which some would consider easier but it's not really worth worrying about unless you're one of the people that can lift the front end of a truck and think less of someone that might also lift the front end of a truck with the weight distributed differently.

As I always say, children are pure, they know who's the strongest!

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