I struggled to laugh once at yesterday's show

I just listened to an old Jackie martling guest spot on the Howard stern show at sirius. It was magic. He's the same as ever. Keeping everyone in there toes roasting everyone in the room. Especially Howard. Nothing brings that crew together like family like Jackie does. Every minute was gold. Because he'd also compliment people are reveal he was just busting balls. Someone Jackie brought the lightheartedness with him. And was the only one who really pointed out Howard sterns narcissism. Something really healthy about Jackie like he wasn't abused as a child so he doesn't get sucked into sterns vortex so easily. He's the guy after all who was a muscular jock in spite of his age (pics on goggle of him show he's very fit) he's the one whod swim to the jetty with two beers in each hand. He was physically a very functional and active man.

When he first met stern when he was 38 and stern was around 30, *stern was "pear shaped" like Lena Dunham and Jackie thought it was "the end" for stern because he looked like an old Jewish man. *No one talks like that anymore on that show. I forgot how he knew too much and was there too long to buy into the new rock star stern image. He knew and will always see the guy that stern is trying to run away from. The guy who was a complete dork. Jackie was the popular guy and class clown. Jackie will always remind stern of this and that takes prevents stern from posing as a superstar and forces him back into the time before he got rich and famous. He brings out the old stern. He made stern laugh. I wish Martling could come back to finish the last contract!

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