Struggling on mapping

get lioneyes glare for the meantime

i would spec out of ballistic mastery and aspect of the eagle and pick up two jewel slots instead (one to the right by the crit multi node and one below duelist next to the 3 life nodes)

ditch all those claw nodes since they are literally useless until u get lioneyes fall, instead spec 1 node into Mana Leech (below Herbalism) and a node or two into life leech below vaal pact. ditch ur mana flask and replace with an instant life flask after u have done this

with the 3 points left over from that, spend them on getting King of the Hill

buy a 5-10c stygian vise with life + res and buy a ~5c jewel to put in it

prob get an atziris flask for damage for the time being, don't need 2 evasion flasks since u have no qotf on

you need to link herald of ice with curse on hit + assassins mark. ur curse on hit is linked to nothing so it's not proccing at all and is doing nothing for you

probably spend ~10-15c on a better quiver with life/crit chance/multi/attack speed

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