Struggling with oral sex, could you give me some helpful tips on how to improve?

This could have been my story a year ago. My bf likes really rough bjs. As in likes teeth and usually asks me to bite him. It was really weird for me to get used to as my previous experiences liked, I dunno "normal" more gentile bjs?

He also looves deep throat and I can't do it. I have an extremely strong gag reflex. We have an open relationship and seriously one of my positives when we agreed to this was I would never have to give him another bj as he pretty much made me feel like absolute shit last Christmas when he told me I was pretty terrible. However, I like giving them, so I worked at it and actually yesterday I finally had him rolling in bliss and got him to cum from just a bj, which he has said isn't that easy for him to do because of how he likes it. So GO ME. Don't give up and you can do it too.

if you are comfortable with it Ask if he has video of a previous gf/fwb giving him head if you're comfortable watching it. I learned a LOT from that.

Tell him that he HAS to be vocal when you're going what he likes. My bf is so quiet and I made a big deal about not knowing what I was doing right or wrong with no feed back. If it's too rough, tell me to stop or what I need to change to fix it.

I have no tips to help with gag reflex because seriously the only thing that works for me is to transport my brain elsewhere and not think about what I'm doing and I still gag (it's very muchly so a mental thing for me - something in back of mouth must gag!!) so I'm sure there are other resources that can help you.

I used to love laying next to him facing his feet so he could play with my ass, but it's not a good angle for as rough as he likes it - it's too rough on the bottom of his penis and there's too much teeth on his foreskin.

So what I do is lay between his legs and then instead of focusing on using teeth I focus on rubbing the ridge of the head on the roof of my mouth right behind my front teeth. Taking him as far as I can in my mouth. To vary it I rotate my head, to the left on the down stroke all the way around to the right on the up stroke then reverse. He likes it faster, but you can vary speed with how your guy likes it. When I do this I'm lightly scraping the length of his dick with my teeth and it freaks me out less lol.

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