Stuck in the airport with about 500 others waiting for our bags to clear customs, after our flights to the Us were cancelled last minute.

90% of your comment was you stating the obvious. I am fully cognizant of the complexity of the logistics involved with air travel. It’s an impressive feat for airlines to do what they do with minimal disruption, and it’s even more impressive how they have action plans for many situations and circumstances. Everything in that industry is scheduled down to the minute, even the takeoffs and landings at the various airports.

I’m going to point out that it’s probably less disruptive to the airlines and airports involved to switch to a different plane when an issue comes up that needs additional input from a person who is not immediately available, as long as they have an action plan to carry it out, the resources to make it happen, and the assurance that the decision itself will be evaluated based on the information known at the time the decision was made and not on what what is found out later.

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