Student kills herself unable to bear racism, college administration ignored her pleas.

That's ok, you haven't upset me.

I also know that filing a complaint is not an easy or inexpensive task that can be so easily done without having an actual basis in existing law or evidence to support the allegations and facts in the complaint. Doing so would result in getting sanctioned and/or making yourself vulnerable to getting sued in turn by the defendant named in the baseless complaint for abusing the legal process to harass them.

No, actually in the US system there isn't really a way to do that. If you get named in a bogus suit, all you can really do is defend it, the US doesn't really give you recourse for "revenge". You can try to counter sue but that will almost certainly also get tossed out. This is a really common misconception. The attorneys also wouldn't get sanctioned as they are working in the interest of their client and can always say "I believed my client and acted in good faith".

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