Students of Reddit, what’s the strangest thing you have ever discovered about your teacher?

That she had the hots for me.
When I was 17/18, a substitute teacher joined our school who was the SPITTING image of the porn star Dani Daniels, It was uncanny. Me being a horny teen just creamed over her so much during school to the point where she noticed and I became a bit of a meme to her(in a good way, that boy who clearly wants to fuck me kind of way). She was only 21/22/23 at max so it wasn't like a 50 year old and that huge of a difference.
I left the school to go to University and never saw her again. Fast forward 4 years later, my friends remind me of her name so I go on a hunt to track her down and eventually did.

Started off with an Instagram follow, she followed me back, I liked her photo, she liked mine back, you see where it's going. Quite recently I got drunk and thought "fuck it" and decided to message her something along the lines, bare in mind I was v drunk - "You are soooooo hot" and luckily she was drunk back and it turned explicit.

Weeks later we'll still chat/sext(she's living in Vietnam these days and I'm in the UK).
Would still bang.

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