Students of Reddit, what was your schools big scandal?

I’ve only been there a few months but this has already happened, so who knows what was going on before I got there.

Basically it went down as follows. I have class with a bunch of seniors even though I’m a sophomore, mid year transfer student problems. Anyway we’re all talking and conversation turns to this one kid who had been apparently dating one of my classmates. At least he thought he had. What actually happened was she had a crush on him, even though she knew that he wasn’t exactly right in the head so to speak, and they were walking to class one day and she took a picture of him and posted it to social media with the caption “my boyfriend” or something along those lines. I don’t know exactly what their relationship status was at that point but I am pretty damn sure they weren’t actually dating, they were still just friends at that point. The girls at my school have commitment issues, they love flirting with guys but are very rarely serious about it.

Anyway. Things unfold and this kid decides that they’re a thing, and then he does what I personally found the most disturbing thing in all of this.

He said she was Harley Quinn and he was the Joker. This was in November, a few weeks after Phoenix. And anyone who knows anything about comics knows how messed up Harley and the Joker are.

Fast forward a few weeks, he’s been texting weird shit to everyone, stuff about the Bible which I don’t want to get into because I didn’t get all the context for that. I think the girl had run for the hills by now.

Then the really scary part. I find the Joker part creepy because I’m a nerd and I know just how dangerous thinking you’re the Joker is. This part is legitimately psychopath material.

He texts one of the guys in this class, this one class has basically one friend group which he has class with in a different class. The text is asking my classmate if he wants to go kill people.


My classmate reported it, the kid got removed from the school and put in a mental hospital. There was a mass emailing about a “threat to the school” that was “being dealt with” and the bureaucrats assured us the detention center was safe again. My classmate went to see him and said he was acting normal, but we have reason to believe he’s got MPD so it could have been that. He talks to voices, hears voices, that kind of shit.

Two weeks later the kid is BACK IN SCHOOL, and no one says a word. Nothing has happened as of now but I feel like it’s a time bomb. No one knows what the doctor said about him or how he got out. Hopefully he’s on medication and fixing himself but IDK,

I just needed to get this off my chest honestly. Like I had just transferred and this shit started happening.

TLDR the whole joker copycat scare thing was nearly real at my school.

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