Studies conclude climate change will cause less severe winters

That's a whole lot of assuming...

“The results indicate that Arctic amplification of global warming leads to even less frequent cold outbreaks in Northern Hemisphere winter than a shift toward a warmer mean climate implies by itself,” the Journal of Climate study concludes.

Climate change...well, are we talking a cooling or warming trend? Obviously, that makes a difference. Also consider that the Arctic is not the best indicator for sighting longer trends in the climate. But, if there is a continuing global warming trend, it follows winters will be milder...

It appears the article is focused on Global Warming which is not the same as "climate change". Everyone realizes that the earth's climate changes, the rub is in predicting how it will change next.

Disagreement. So, what do climate scientists agree on? Scientists agree that

  • Surface temperatures have increased since 1880
  • Humans are adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
  • Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have a warming effect on the planet

However there is considerable disagreement about the most consequential issues:

  • Whether the warming since 1950 has been dominated by human causes
  • How much the planet will warm in the 21st century
  • Whether warming is ‘dangerous’
  • And whether we can actually do anything to prevent climate change

Why do scientists disagree? There are a number of reasons:

  • Insufficient observational evidence
  • Disagreement about the value of different types of evidence
  • Disagreement about the appropriate logical framework for linking and assessing the evidence
  • Assessments of areas of ambiguity & ignorance
  • And finally, the politicization of the science can torque the science in politically desired directions.

-Trust, yet verify

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