Study Abroad Assignment

I propose that the we visit the wizarding community of Severn Falls. Severn Falls is located in Ontario, Canada in what the locals refer to as "cottage country". It has the highest concentration of fresh water lakes in the world and is surrounded by beautiful dense forest. The town itself is very quaint with only a few small businesses, however the main draw of Severn Falls is the cottages along the lakefront. My family owns a few of these beautiful wood cabins and would be happy to house our class for the Easter holidays. Give a short summary of its history.1 Why was it founded where it was? Did a specific person found it, like Hengist of Woodcroft[7] with Hogsmeade? What are some notable events that occurred there? (5 pts) Give an example of its local culture. Are there local traditions, quirks, holidays, crafts, dishes, older or more obscure languages (think Basque, Occitan, Ligurian, native American languages, Chinese dialects, etc.), or other things that make this settlement special? Is there a famous inn[8] , tavern, or café where the locals like to gather? Anything unique, like the Shrieking Shack[9] ? (5 pts) Give an example of any local or traditional magic that we could observe. Don’t give me those faces, now…just because we’re on holiday, doesn’t mean we can’t always learn something new! This could be an incredible opportunity to see Chinese alchemists, African witch-doctors, North American shamans, Egyptian sorcerers, and all sorts of magic that you could only read about in the library. (5 pts) Tell me your proposed travel arrangements. Remember, this is very important! Some places are easy to reach, such as continental European villages that we can visit via train through Platform 7 ½[10] . Anywhere farther afield, though, might require apparition, portkeys, brooms, flying horses, or even just ordinary trains, boats and cars. No airplanes, though! I shudder to think of the possible liabilities Hogwarts would have to take upon itself in cramming dozens of teenage witches and wizards in a small, flying space with a load of Muggles. (5 pts) As a bonus, show me something from the settlement! It could be a drawing of the town square, a painting of the local pub, or even a local craft. THIS HAS TO BE SOMETHING THAT YOU MAKE, it doesn't have to be remotely good or well-done, you just have to make it yourself...don't just link a random image here. Make it creative! (5 pts guaranteed)

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