STUDY : Arab countries occupy bottom in reading, science and math

Perhaps you simply lack imagination. Your mind is limited in thinking if something exists it must have been created. I'm just guessing here, but I'd be willing to bet you have never heard of the concept of spontaneous symmetry breaking. It is a scientific term, it explains phase transitions. In particular it can explain how the symmetry of the early universe can go from one phase to another. Nowhere in the theory does it require the concept of "god" in fact quite the contrary.

it doesn't create them.

So what would you call it when we create particles in our high energy particle experiments? What would you call it when we look inside the atom and observe particles fluctuating into and out of existence? What would you say when the entire universe seems to obey certain rules of quantum mechanics that rely on the creation and annihilation of matter on a regular basis? I'd say its not a bug, its a feature. The universe was not "created" in the big bang. It is continually being created. Everywhere we look we see evidence of this if you know where to look.

Figuring out the algorithm of a program doesn't imply it wrote itself.

Something doesn't have to write itself. There is no "intelligence" to a random process. It just happens, randomly and spontaneously, and given enough time, it turns into life. Along the way, that life gains intelligence, eventually some of that life might try to explain its existence and develop some sort of creation myth. Question is, why do you choose to blindly believe in a creation myth without evidence? There are other theories that can explain existence without the need for a "creator".

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