Study: Hillary Clinton’s TV ads were almost entirely policy-free

Simply being wealthy doesn't make you the enemy.

That is not what's being said though. Obviously there are wealthy people with enough common sense to realize reinvesting in society has net benefits. Right now, we have rich technocrats telling us we need minimum guaranteed income in the near future, so yes, of course, this is not about vilifying the rich. And often the rich who advocate these policies were not always rich, so they implicitly know the importance of equality of opportunity. And of course, there are probably many wealthy people who'd agree nonetheless.

But it's absolutely true that much of the opposition to socialist progress historically comes from those who control the means. I mean, who else but the rich would tell the poor to "pick themselves up by their own bootstraps?" Any progress that we enjoy in modernity (at least in this country) has been won with aggression and resistance. The thought of winning simply with "good persuasive ideas" is nice but it lacks pretty much any political or historical context.

You realize they're waging war against universal healthcare in this very moment right? What else could we possibly call attacking the ACA and Planned Parenthood? The repeal of ACA is nothing more than a tax break for a few people disguised as policy reform. It's not like the other side is unaware of good, persuasive ideas. They simply don't care, or have enormous vested interests against them.

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