Study shows that 97% of Medicare patients switch from brand to generic cholesterol meds within two years following the release of the generic option. Between 2014 and 2018, Medicare spent $3 billion less on cholesterol medications despite supplying these meds for almost 5 million more people.

Yes, but its important to note the pharmacodynamic differences between the S and R enantiomers of Omeprazole.

Both enantiomers have been established to have equal effect in their ability to reduce gastric secretion due to both being activated in parietal cells through the same pathway. Where they differ is in their pharmacokinetic profile, namely their metabolism, R omeprazole is metabolised to inactive components at a faster rate than S omeprazole.

With omeprazole having such a wide therapeutic range, and in most patient populations being well tolerated, why not just give a higher dose of omeprazole instead?

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