Study shows no vaccine-resistant strain exists in Israel

So much for impending doom. I'm still not convinced any sudden mutation would lead to complete or even large scale evasion of the mRNA vaccines. Those things are fantastically well made and induce such a wide range of antibodies that I could imagine that any mutated virus able to escape its impact would be so different that it might not even be able to infect humans anymore.

I do understand the concern for variants and recognize it as a possibility, but the way it's being treated as an inevitable time bomb is absolutely ridiculous. The messaging lately, from the media and even from the CDC, has been that the vaccines hardly make a difference since there will be a variant that makes them useless and that you will need to get another vaccine that fixes the inadequacies with the current ones. How in the world is that meant to encourage a successful vaccination effort? The reasoning is arguably ridiculous and its consequences are absolutely dangerous.

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