Study shows no vaccine-resistant strain exists in Israel

Then why is Walensky warning us of our impending doom? There's more optimism from the data than the public messaging. A CDC study came out today that the vaccines prevent 90% of symptomatic or even asymptomatic infection, but the head of the organization instead told us how she's scared of our doom.

Is that not a little confusing to you? Does that mixed messaging not rub you the wrong way? Because personally I'm offended at her disregard for any potential she's doing to American faith in our public health organizations. She and others in the current administration seem to have an attitude that they can say whatever they want, be wrong or misleading however often they want, and rely on others to do the apologizing and mental gymnastics for them. It's one of the biggest reason we're seeing less and less people care every day. Our elected officials have stretched our faith too thin and we're seeing the consequences.

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