This stuff infuriates me, which idiots think this stuff goes on?

Yes, they are actually chemical castration drugs. And they are certainly not entirely reversible. The rapid increase in prescriptions is startling, not only for the fact that we may be setting children on a trajectory that involves a lifetime of hormone drugs, surgeries, etc. before they fully realize what they are signing up for, but they may also have bone density issues, permanent micro-penises (which also cause the bottom surgeries to need flesh from elsewhere on the body), etc.

They should not be so easily prescribed. Kids who go on them have marked increases in mental and relational issues in early adult life. To think we can simply "hit pause" on complex biological systems and hormones is patently insane. To think we should mess with these complex systems because a child who just got over their belief in Santa Claus thinks they might want to be another gender is ludicrous.

Don't come for me. I don't speak this stuff out loud, or lightly, usually due to the political environment, but I have seen the data. And in fact, I wanted to be a girl.. literally asked my mom when it was my turn to be one... when I was 4 in the 90s. And I am SO glad I am now a happy adult gay man. I am SO glad I do not have a micropenis because my mom did the right thing and reminded me I am a boy. I was not an adult and thank God no insane adult gave me the ability to make life-altering and body-altering decisions.

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