"Its stupid and gross!" Some podcast where a goodmenproject guy demonizes us

Well it shows collectivist thinking. Identity politics, meaning you’re not an individual, part part of a labeled identity, which means you take on the sins of any part of your leveled group. Which is a real tragedy if he thinks that way.

Feminism, based in Marxism, has no choice but to be collectivist, and their entire basis is for the proletariat / bourgeoise battle is just rebranded and women / patriarchy. So they had to make up a bunch of nonsense to wedge it in.

But hey, you want to be collectivist and do time for the crimes of members of your self-identified group? Knock yourself out. It’s sad when people think that way.

Which is also why they ascribe all MGTOW as all being incels, or all being alt-right, or whatever. Their brains are wired to be collectivist, which is stupid because MGTOW is an individualistic life style choice. No leaders, no rules, etc.

Feminists, of course, are stuck in their rut of collectivism, so when I call feminists a white supremacist elitist man-hating religious hate cult of child rapists, they have to be collectively responsible for the sins of all of them, because they are white supremacists, they are structured like a religious cult, all their feminists in education rape children, and all their actions (and words) are man-hating. Collective guilt.

I didn’t create feminism, these greedy power hungry marxists did. They should have stopped with liberal feminism about having equal rights and opportunities, but the curse of individualism requires personal responsibility and accountability, which a collectivist group is incapable of doing, which is why feminism is a cult of failure and those who cannot ever be to blame.

That doesn’t work in MGtOW because we’re individualist, so although there are plenty examples of those claiming to be MGtOW saying stupid things or “hateful” things, that’s that individuals problem. No one else cares.

You can see feminists do this when they did that stupid video about 30 questions for men, and the first was, “how do you feel being the sam sex as Donald Trump” collectivist weak minds ascribing jndentiy guilt.

Which is what the writers at good cuck project do. They’re not individuals, they’re part of the collective. And men don’t generally like to be part of a “collective”. Women do, which is why they’re attracted to collective protection, no individual agency, and weakness of their individual thought. So I’m sure embarrassed is there. You can tell in the writing, in which half of it is apologizing and begging for leadership from women.

That’s not a man, good or bad. That’s barely human. That’s a pet begging for a treat and fearing being smacked with a newspaper.

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