Stupid Irishman here. Have I screwed over my American relatives by downloading a movie? Their wifi has been cut off? How screwed am I?


Two phone calls today and they reconnected. Apparently Jojo Rabbit was flagged and the connection was cut. The mention of someone calling out to the house was in part because my brother-in-law wasn't able to reset the internet himself when on the phone to them on Sunday. So it was a bit of a scam, that is, they would have charged a fee for the call-out. They said to delete the files downloaded, or else Optimum would recognise the movie again on the device, and WiFi would be recut (which I'm surprised is possible but , whatever, fair enough.) They have, I'm told, a seven-strike policy, after 7 dodgy downloads, no Wifi for a month, though nothing would stop us just changing to another ISP. This is in in Connecticut, by the way.

Just a note, I'll be deleting this update in a day or two but, wanted to say:

I was freaking out, so many messages here allayed those fears, one or two went above and beyond. Thanks for chiming in. It's funny that the movie I downloaded wasn't even a kids movie. (I had seen a short clip and thought it was)

So, thanks again Long may you have access to fresh coffee, clean socks and good company.

Best wishes, The Stupid Irishman

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