It's stupid question Weds. Ask your car related question and maybe someone will have an answer.

Here's a question in terms of legal standards for buying a car.

I'm in New York State.

Picked up a car after work yesterday, as part of the sale I was asked if I wanted to keep wheel locks on the car for an extra $100.

Politely told the salesperson no.

As they are prepping the car the salesperson asks me about my answer again (he had def forgot by this time) I politely answered honestly and told him no, I did not ask for them.

I sign all the papers, take delivery and bring the car home, this is when I noticed there was a key for the wheel locks in my glove compartment.

I look on the wheels and noticed a wheel lock on each tire. I'm thinking hey great cool, they appreciated my honestly and left these on.

About an hour later I realize I have no inspection sticker on the car so I set up an appointment to stop by after work and get the sticker, I think you can figure out where this is headed.

I check the wheels when I get home and no wheel locks, and no key in the glove compartment.

Now obviously the principle steams me more than anything but I'm guessing there's a legal standard involved once you take delivery as well. I'd like to talk to the manager because at a minimum my telling this story to friends is going to affect his business more than the $30 or whatever the locks were worth.

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