This sub has become r/wsb but with ETFs

Yes ETFs are a good passive investment

And Yes (depends from the etf )you are investing in the industry

The problem that i can see is macroeconomic in nature .

Markets likes economies go up an down history has teach us that when ever a market in a short time frame is going up rapidly it will also go down rapidly like 2008 , 2000 , 1929 crashes ( 2019 was to small of a correction to considered a major crash ). I believe we are in a before a big crash situation , the real economy is passing through one of the worst recessions but the stock markets have left the world of reality , many statistics approve of that .

From the other hand someone can say " how can you be so sure that a crash is coming many have tried to guess the year the crash will come and the markets did the opposite" ! Τhe answer to that is ...we can't predict correctly , we know it will come but we can't say when specifically !

So what you should consider when investing these day is that when you are at the top holding stocks ( and ETFs because they are connected with the stock market) has a greater risk because in a crash all (good and bad) fall together ! the problem (as I said above) is when !

I personally wait until the bad happens and then i will enter the markets (stocks and ETFs) of course this is not necessarily the right thing to do.

I hope i may give you something to think about ETFS as good investment (right now) .

Beyond the macroeconomic thing i cant see a reason Etfs are a bad investment specially if you don't have the time and mood to study specific stocks .

of course i am only a dude saying his opinion on the internet so you should make your own research .

And sorry or my bad English :)

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