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You have absolutely no idea what liberalism and what woke actually means and what policies they push. The only boundary in liberalism is HARMING OTHERS. as Long as this is not the case you will hardly find any western liberal opposing it and that’s consistent with what they believe in. You clearly never listened to actual liberal intellectuals because you probably consume liberalism in an ecochamber without it being challenged. That’s why you don’t seem to know about their controversial takes. Why else would you be so outraged about something literally every mainstream liberal accepted nowadays. You are clearly inconsistent and hypocritical in your outrage of a man jerking of to CP if the girl was fine with it.

Okay lets forget she uploads it as a kid. What if she made the video as a kid for herself and than sends it to a Pedo when she is an adult so he can use the footage.

Do you know how often this shit happens in Europe. According to liberalism the woman is not harmed and she conceded so it is fine and this shit is even legal in some countries. Liberalism is so nice isn’t it.

If you cannot answer it I can answer child marriage now. In Islam you Are able to marry after having your period / maturity That doesn’t mean that you have to get marry than. In Islam forced marriage is forbidden. In Islam if a girl who had her period and WANTS to marry a man and her parents or whoever is responsible for her allow it than Yes it’s allowed. According to some liberals in Europe a child should be allowed to have sex even before her period because to them it’s their body. I can show you videos of politicians of the Green Party defending sex with toddlers because „studies proved a child has happy feeling“. Liberalism is literally disgusting lust cult. In Islam with have boundaries. In liberalism you don’t have any. So your pointing to child marriage doesn’t make any sense because in liberalism their is not even an age which clearly sets the border.

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