This sub in a nutshell

some balance change were made server side though, is that included in there? i just find it hard to believe flight core’s damage max damage is that low, you can almost doom a sword blocking ronin with it which is close to 30k damage.
oh, and it destroys shields or just ignores them with its huge splash damage while particle wall, gun shield block about 80% of salvo core.
oh, and you literally can’t use salvo core point black because of the way it works. your projectiles will either just disappear or deal more splash damage to yourself than whoever you’re attacking

this sub complains about tone way too much lmao she hasn’t been top tier in titan modes for 3.5 years(if ever? when ronin & northstar exist). i would like for them to play against a good northstar in lts, 3075 max damage in one shot (almost half of tone’s core in less than 0.5s), 3 dashes, really easy to earn core which counters your counters (close range titans) and still playable in attrition-like modes

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