Subspace: A new messaging protocol for bitcoin

Yes, but your wallet gets around communicating with the servers one time only. After your mate broadcasts the transaction, your wallet is going to receive the data proving you spent the coins. How is subspace any better than running Tor here?

I'm not sure I follow. The issue is downloading your transactions from the network. Every time you open your wallet you give a full picture of all the addresses in your wallet to the server/peers. Tor doesn't help much since it's trivial to link a single address to your real world identity.

This is why wallets try to obscure your downloads using bloom or prefix filtering but because of the nature of bitcoin transactions it's almost impossible to do for all transactions.

By receiving txs directly from the sender we don't need to mess around with bloom or prefix filtering. We still have to query for block inclusion, but here your can just to a one off over Tor.

You're basically sending an invoice over something that isn't SMTP?

The network is for more than just sending an invoice. But I was looking for something with better privacy properties than SMTP. With that you still have a metadata trail. I would prefer other people not know when I received a transaction.

SMTP is rock solid, ubiquitously deployed and composes well with Tor/PGP whereas subspace is experimental

If everyone took that mentality there would be no innovation. "The dollar is rock solid and ubiquitously deployed while bitcoin is experimental."

competition from all kinds of P2P and anonymizing networks. Boatloads of them.

I would have happily used an already existing protocol if it suited the purpose. I have not come across any that fit the bill for the use cases described above which I why I put this together.

Furthermore, I don't see any competition from other networks as there are no networks being using for any of these purposes. Likely because none are suitable for it.

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