I was subtly invited to post this (story in comments)

He claims that because the celebrity had undertaken previous interactions with fans, that this created a “representation” that she would undertake interactions with EVERY SINGLE FAN WHO WANTS HER TO. Basically, what he proposes is the same as if a man choses to donate 5$ to a homeless person this creates a representation that he will donate 5$ to every homeless person he sees for the rest of his life. It is now his duty, enforceable by law, to do so in SC’s world. He believes that previous case law backs this up. He took this to small claims court and the judge very graciously explained to him that he had no case whatsoever without a duty of care. If there is no duty of care there is no claim to be made against it right? I’m doing a terrible job of explaining this, I hope you can follow it friends.

When he tried to sue the celebrity in small claims court he attracted some media attention. It should be noted that it was he himself who contacted multiple media outlets to persuade them to report on his court case and “unique plights”. Something that he is still trying to do now, several years later, despite his claims of having his life destroyed by the previous publicity he had. He outright harasses various media organisations because he thinks he has a “beautiful”, “inspirational” story of one disabled man who reached for the moon and settled among the stars. The likes of the Daily Mail and Fox News featured him in their ‘look at this loonball’ sections. This in turn attracted people like me (who he likes to call “mentally ill trolls”) who are fascinated with watching how this guys mind works. The thing is that he has indeed attracted the attentions of lots of people online, but he is very rarely trolled. The worst of what I’ve seen is him doxing himself and someone sending him one of those ‘you’re a dirtbag’ presents through the mail. He claimed it was anthrax by the way, and that he was diagnosed with “trauma lumps” because of it, lol. What actually happens is that his public Facebook posts are screenshotted and posted on a number of platforms including Reddit for discussion. He has a habit of making very cruel and racist/homophobic/misogynistic/insulting statements and then deleting them hours later. The list includes stating that rape should be legal if the rapist is disabled. He outed a stripper who had to block him after he turned up to her workplace and claimed he was entitled to a date with her because he was wearing a suit and carrying flowers. He wished death on someone suffering from cancer. He mocked murder and suicide victims. This just a tiny sample of the things he posts publicly. All of this is documented and despite his claims that he is “a beautiful mind who is misunderstood” all of the posts are his own words. Despite his “awesome” legal skills he somehow doesn’t realise that the truth is an absolute defence against slander (it’s not even slander, he means libel). He’s honestly one of the most vile and disturbing men I’ve ever seen. His current federal court lawsuit is for damages and harms that he claims to have suffered due to trolls like me somehow ruining his life by preserving his own social media posts before he can delete them. This is the direct fault of the celebrity because if she hadn’t subtly invited him to make her a gift song, he wouldn’t have attracted “international attention from fake news sources and had his life ruined by trolls”. He believes that she needs to have disclaimers on every post stating that her interactions are not invitations to other fans to spend time and money creating gifts for her, and that she will not visit them and or go on a date with them because they have done so. Apparently all of her 111 million social media followers NEED to be told this via disclaimers or else they are at risk of falling into the same trap that he did because of her subtle invitations.

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