Subway workers of Reddit, what's the grossest sandwich you've seen ordered/ had to make?

Ex manager of A Subway......I have seen every combination possible and found that everybody has their own tastes and there is nothing wrong with that. I mean sometimes there will be customers that request a ton of mayo and I put a lot on "no not even close keep going" .....I would inform them I wouldn't be able to close their sandwich properly without a huge mess....they don't care and I give them what they want which is kind of bizarre to me as they wouldn't be able to hold/eat it without covering their hands in mayo. Also the seafood and tuna was rather unappetizing to me but there are people who really enjoyed it.

However the best "sandwich" I ever made involved something I ended up eating almost every single day after A customer asked me if I could make them a stuffed pepper bell pepper and I immediately said "whoa amazing idea I will do it". Decided I was going to make 2 so I coukd have one. Cut off top of pepper, stuffed it with Philly meat, black olives, jalapenos and cheese. Toaster oven runs way too hot and would just burn so threw it In a bread oven. Think I let it cook for 15-20min and it looked perfect. We both tried and holy shit it was amazing. Mentioned it to Subway and to our franchisee owners a few times but since it's not on the menus obviously nothing came of it

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