Success and disappointment megathread for the week of (March 11)

It's funny - I checked out and don't care about the job-hunting process anymore, but now it appears as if things are starting to happen. I have a new, prettier resume which I'm getting feedback on, my wife is in direct contact with the hiring manager (because they want both of us) so I can avoid the usual route of "Send in resume, get instantly rejected or ignored forever".

... problem is that I'm still checked out, and this job has so many red flags (not specifically about the position or company itself, but - it's in England, and Brexit is still a giant looming question mark over the economic stability of the entire country right now; and I don't actually have a work permit for England, so I'd have to temporarily move back to the US for several months to get a work visa) that I can't bring myself to get excited about it.

I don't understand this planet sometimes. The jobs I was excited for and tried so hard to get either instantly rejected or completely ignored me, while no matter how much doubt and trepidation and just plain disinterest I show in this one, it keeps moving forward.

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