Successful men beware - the Joe Lonsdale story

I've always found humor to be a good medium

You are not wrong! But I think that if you are going to take on the NYT line-by-line, you might also be served by a serious tone.

I read the particular article you linked the day it was published. Now that I see the world through TRP-colored glasses, it was frankly alarming. I think it's pretty important when reading an article like this to understand the following:

  • The author pretends to present a factual, journalistic recounting.
  • Instead, what the article actually presents is an editorial interpretation of private, unknowable events, gleaned from one party's persepctive and interpreted through an extremist feminist lens. This is presented as fact.
  • The author is not joking. He is aware of what he is doing; he is deadly serious about it; and he is well aware that the current climate is set up to punish any who try to respond and engage the substance of the piece on its merits and demerits.

When you take the piece on line-by-line with humor, you present the thesis that it is all one big joke. This attack has been anticipated. Because of the use of the lofty NYT tone, such attackers risk being dismissed (counterattacked) as ignorant, low-class, uneducated, unintelligent, or sadistic.

Check out the author, Emily Bazelon's, pedigree. Germantown Friends School. Yale College. Yale Law School. Editor of the Yale Law Review. Currently a research fellow at Yale Law School.

This person - this weaponsmith of words - is what the NYT saw fit to bring to bear on this topic. This person is the Mike Tyson of writing an article. Do you think she has studied rhetoric? Logic? Persuasion? Intimidation? Do you think there's a single tactic this person doesn't know about?

This is who you're attacking. This is our enemy. Don't fool yourself; every attack has been anticipated.

Heck, even Elinor Carucci, the photog that they got to take a sympathy headshot of the poor, unattractive, sexless, egoless, abused girl-victim, is known to me as a world-class, famous photographer. If that photo looks a certain way, it's because that photographer made it look that way.

Be careful when you're punching out of your weight class. You might find your defeated, unconscious corpse held up for mass scrutiny; as an educational lesson to the feminists, about "the quality of our enemy."

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