This SUCKS. My ❤️ hurts for these people.

I love that Amazon is being called out but unfortunately, there are so many MAJOR companies out there doing this to their employees. I only wish I outed State Farm when I worked there, publicly but they put an absolute fear into you to keep you from doing so.

This happens with the company State Farm all the time. I should have put them on here every time they ruined their employees lives. Would have been an every day occurrence I likely couldn't have kept up with had I done so. Anyways, just one example was when they closed their entire Michigan office and gave all employees the option to either move to Texas or lose their job entirely. Did the same for their Pennsylvania office as well as their Maryland office. That's just in the last maybe year and only the ones I've heard of. Shit farm constantly has mass firings. While I was working in Richardson, Texas, they got rid of the free cups at the water fountain and fired the cup guy just to save on cups for employees.

I am starting a brand new job in Monday with a totally different insurance company. I'm betting everything I have that it's just another Shit Farm, oops, I mean State Farm, except with a different name. Why, because this isn't just Amazon, but every major corporation out there and they all treat us like absolute shit and walk all over us. If we step out of line in the slightest, our whole world and lives can be disrupted where as they just fire us, the small speed bumps and move on with their lives with our newest replacements they nearly cycle in at the same time they are mass cycling people out the door. We need to find a way as the people who ACTUALLY run their companies, to turn this around, or the Amazons of the world or Kellogg or whatever big name is in the news fucking their employees over today, are all going to keep fucking us over.

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