It sucks when bonuses are based on performance and bosses have retarded logic

I had this happen to me. Started a new role in the company with one coworker, and we were part of a larger team. Our responsibilities got wider, so they split us out and hired 3 new people and put us under a manager who handled a similar team in a different area of the business. He had no clue what the differences between our area and his were, so the two of us that started the role initially had to write up a job description/list of responsibilities for him.

He was terrible at his job and would never say no, so he kept throwing things that weren't our responsibility on us. Additionally, as the senior member with a technical background, some other areas would come to me for more things that weren't our responsibility. He knew about all this, knew about the huge improvements we'd made in the processes we were responsible for, etc. Come review time - meets expectations.

I asked him how I could have gotten exceeds. He said I would have had to go above and beyond in a way that made an impact to the company. I reviewed all the things I had done that were outside the responsibility list he had OK'd as well as their impacts, and asked him what more I could do, as all those were apparently enough. He didn't have an answer other than saying that he couldn't give out too many exceeds expectations.

I was locked into one year in that position before I could move elsewhere in the company, and the review happened 10 months in. For the next two months, he continued to pile more and more on me, all things that clearly shouldn't have been sitting with our area. When my year was up, I went to him with the list of things that I'd done in just those two months and asked if I would now get an exceeds. He said no, so I turned around and started applying for other jobs. Within a month I was gone. He ended up having to hire three people to replace me, and they're still having issues managing my workload, and that's without all the side projects the other business areas came to me for. Turn around time on database report requests has gone from 1 day to 4 because none of them know SQL, for example.

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