We sued Trump and his administration 49 times in 2018. Last week, we pressed ahead with our challenge to Trump’s unconstitutional sabotage of the ACA. We are Democracy Forward, AMA!

no - was merely commenting that frivolous or bullshit lawsuits mean nothing in the bigger picture here. Its like a mosquito.. But suits with real issues - damaging important topics - those are not only worth it but will often be augmented by others joining in and media attention not letting it go. The whole election/Manifort thing for example--as much as trump wants it to end, has cried 'witch hunt' etc - it hasn't ended..it hasn't gone away. Which says to me there may be something there of issue. IF he ends up squashing it - then lawsuits will abound to have disclosure of the findings..and those lawsuits will be more than one and should carry the full merit and weight for transparency and attention. It's never dumb to sue the president or anyone if they are in the wrong...and it can be proven so. But some of these lawsuits by this group--i have to wonder..one was a lawsuit to see if someone called trump a moron or not--I mean seriously...you file a lawsuit to find that out?? Good waste of a courts time IMO just to hear themselves squeak..

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