Suffering is not a superpower. Take care of yourself!

I really need to understand this. As a kid I have had some traumatic experiences. I wasn’t raped but we lived in a house where all spare rooms were rented and there were a lot of men. Many times, if I was walking down the hall or something and their doors were opened they would show me their penis. They would try to talk to me while they would be in their rooms and take it out. I was only maybe 6-8 years old and I had no idea what was going on, so I would listen/ talk to them while they had it out or jacked off. Thank god my parents taught me to never go into someone else room or else things could have gone much worse. So now, as an adult, if a man talks and talks to me, texts and texts me, send me “pictures”, I find it hard to tell them to stop. I think I just never figured out how to say “no” to a man. I don’t get myself into situations where I have to have sex and I honestly stay away from anything like that, but once they start to slither their way into my life I can’t get them out. I’ve been working hard on this because I don’t think I have to tolerate people I don’t like. It’s just very hard.

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