Wait, I read a lot of this and I just had to stop..! What you’re saying is completely BS about skinny women being attractive to “society”. Lol... Those same men who’s hiding the fact that they’re married, are the same men who’s like man I love big girls. Like I could have SD’s if I want. But I don’t want transactional.

I want something real, something fun, someone I can connect with on an intellectual level. I think you’re missing that. I love having intellectual conversations, I love being able to have an emotional connection. I love that. I have never met a man that went out for drinks or dinner with me, and not say I was so smart. And I quote “Damn, Lelee, I didn’t realize I was going to actually be able to talk about IT Sales with you. You’re like the only girl that I know that I can do that with.” So, excuse me for wanting something real.

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