Suggest a title for me!

For what it's worth, I was hired where I'm at now, as a Windows System Administrator (which included an on-prem Exchange cluster I had to build). I ended up having to absorb an entire Linux infrastructure, learn programming in various languages that materially affect customer-facing product infrastructure, etc.

My title is still Windows System Administrator. But I get paid a lot more and I got to hire someone to help with some of the things I was hired for. He has the same title. I don't care because I know what the value is that I'm cultivating and where I can take it and why it matters.

Titles are meaningless in that scope, particularly when you're trying to be valued by your skillset. Those that understand the value of it do not care about titles. Those are the orgs that will pay you a fuckload of money because they understand what it is that you do and how it can bring value to them, not just what you're called on paper.

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