[Suggestion] im an old newbie,i need help

hey man, if you're looking for a deck that can be formidabble in PVP whilst not wastign any reousrces like tickets/gems (jsut to get a feel of the game until you figure out what to spend your stuff on) TRY OUT AROMAGES. It's an archetype almost purely built from the card-trader. It even has synchro monsters sold at it for the archetype. If i rirembmer correctly it's 1~2 URs, 6 SRs, 6 Rs 2 Ns from the card trader (so just a bunch of gold and SR/R/UR jewels, nothing more, collect some of those they're not that hard to farm). Once you get all of those(3x Jasmine, 2x Aroma Garden, 3x Bergamot, 3x Rosmarine, 2x Rose Lover, 1/2x Aromaspherry), just fill in the empty slots with backrow and my own advice is there's an N rarity card at the Dimension of the Wizards BOX called Naturia Rosewhip, but 3 of those in the deck, they're plant tuners (stuff you do synchro summons with) that double up as anti-backrow and since they're N rariy they're very easy to obtain from the box. you can also get the Unknown Synchron from Yusei's lvl30 reward at the 5Ds world. it's not bad. if you're still contemplating/deciding i'd jsut get this deck and play it and sit on your resources until you're more sure about what you want instead of impulsively buying stuff now that you'll regret later because you just returned to the game due to self misjudgment or misleading advice. it's a really good deck and that thing can probably take you pretty far in the WCS qualifiers even ive climbed to Dlv7 with a much worse deck just for fun, this one can probably take you to 15 easy if you play it right. good luck

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