Suggestion on a new razor (DE) or straight

Grind types - Common advice would be to start with a 5/8 or 6/8 rounded point, avoiding wedges. see different grind styles here, it's a good picture

I would advise to not to start with wedges or near wedges (or near hollow as its called in that picture) as it doesn't give great feedback for a beginner but plenty of people have started with those and have done just fine.

Point types - Picture of different point types Mainly, it's about preferences. The only thing about spike/square vs other rounded points is that it's possibly easier to nick/cut yourself. Also these points allow you to have more precise line-cutting if you are in that kind of thing.

My general advice is to look around for a razor and pick one that you like the appearances of because that way you have a razor that you like. Most times new SR shavers will be cautious and go slowly anyways so that's why, in my opinion, point type does not matter so much.

My SR's absolutely do come shave ready, 100%. Many of others sold on S_B are. If they aren't you can easily find someone here who will hone for you. You don't have to worry about honing right now - When you get deeper into the hobby and have more than 5 razors it'll make more sense to own a hone and learn how to touch-up your own razors at that point. I actually will have to refer you to YouTube because there's several excellent videos on there about honing and stropping which would be better (and are made by the same people) than articles you could read online. Look for ones made by Lynn Abrams, that's a good starting point - there's a few made by folks here on reddit but I don't recall the specific ones right now, sorry.

SO, finally - Classic (vintage) vs new. That's a tough topic. I'm kind of biased to be honest with you (damn this is getting long) - but I would pick a vintage blade 95% of the time over new manufacture these days (I don't like dropping names but it's easy to figure out who) because many current companies have issues with quality of their blades here and there and it's simply not acceptable to me. Plus older blades have "soul" or character which I love quite a bit. I've gone through quite a bit of vintage blades and I can say that I've not come across one that had quality issues other than age, wear, etc. But again they may have been weeded out a long time ago so...!

There are some new straights that are not overpriced but it's hard to state that because of a lot of reasons on the manufacturing end of things. Portland razor co may be one of them, some "lower end" DOVO blades may be a choice for you.. Some folks do modify those $10 Chinese made Gold Dollar razors and they turn out acceptable but they have to go through a bunch of things to make it that way.. So the cost will end up being about $40-50 anyways. IMO at that point you might as well just pick up an vintage.

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