Suggestion Saturday 17/Aug/2019

A good and cool use for the mechs that is a unique concept that fits its timeline

Since its in the way future a lot of things are made of metal right? So my idea is that the mechs missiles get replaced with acid bombs that do very little damage but do huge damage to anything that is metal. So a metal dissolving chemical. Since the mech is obviously used for war, It could fit it’s timeline as a anti-land vehicle weapon. And instead of the shotgun, it’s replaced by a anti-tank mine that does 50 to the player but 250 to what ever vehicle you are it. You can only spawn a limit of 3 of them though. Also if you bring planes back (please don’t) it would be a perfect counter to them. Another idea within this idea is when the mech dies it drops 2 of the mines you can Carry in your inventory. For the driver everything is the same but the stomp is reduced to 50 and is used as a combat aspect of close encounters instead of a team support item.

If you like this idea, please upvote so possibly epic can see this and maybe take this into consideration. And please, if you have any suggestions I’m open for them! :)

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