Suggestions for future additions

The TDM mode is great, it's the old classic. I know the devs are working on the conquest mode and i am really looking forward to it! these guys are putting out extraordinary good work on the game!

Ok, am not gonna ask for any new complex gamemodes which would just derive to much focus away from bigger priorities. Tho i do have one in mind which might not be to time consuming to create.

You could call it "Get ye treasure!". Have the British have some treasure (gold, coins, toothpaste, you name it) in the lower deck of the ship. Pirates will also have treasure in theirs (rum, parrots, picture of mum). When a player picks up a treasurechest he will not be able to bring forth any weapons (he'll have both his hands full of booty!) and has to run back to his own ship and deliver it in lower deck. When a set amount has been carried over (stolen!) 5,10,15? That team wins the game! And instead of a ship fully sinking, it can just go 99% of the way, still be a u-boat, but not fall down titanic style.

It makes sense doesn't it? that's what pirates do, and be honest. Those British sailors surly wouldn't let some good pirate rum go to waste either!

Well, i started this comment with saying no complex gamemode. Am not sure if it is from a programming standpoint. I have good faith in the devs decisions to do whatever!

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