Suggestions on bass-free places in the US to move to?

The neighborhood I'm in right now is about 45 minutes from a city with a half a million population, and then in the opposite direction about 15 minutes away there's a town of about 10k. There's around 200 people in this neighborhood, and it seemed fine at first. The plots are really skinny like the width of a normal suburban plot, but stretched into a long rectangle. But now there's the noise and a few other issues too.

Maybe I should have asked how you feel out a place you plan to move to lol. The noise is just causing me so much stress I know I probably sound nuts but the lack of sleep is really getting me too. This place just seemed fine and everyone seemed nice and then all of a sudden one day it became assholevania because I asked the neighbor to turn it down a little. Now I'm getting behind with work because I can't concentrate or do much of anything.

Anyway though, thanks for your ideas so far. I guess I just need to figure out how to decide on a place, or even just see what I can afford lol.

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